Results come together

Results come together... under the same colours

Spatial issues are becoming more and more complex. Developments and projects increasingly require an integrated approach of the parties involved. This has to do with changing legislation, social and economic developments and changed financial starting points, in addition to new insights as to how people want to live and work, shop and recreate, learn and rehabilitate. New challenges present themselves, crossing the boundaries of the traditional property disciplines. VB Group takes on those challenges.

A group of solid companies, nationally active in the area of development and construction, operate under the VB Group colours. Each company is independent and responsible for its own result. At the same time, each uses the others' specific areas of expertise. That synergy is what distinguishes VB Group, for the companies, the employees, and their clients: larger parties in the private and public sectors, provincial and municipal authorities, healthcare institutions, housing associations, educational institutions, social organisations, and private individuals.


Results come together... in one single vision

VB Group is a driven organisation that is committed to contributing to a high-quality and efficiently built environment. What the operating companies binds is a joint vision, the basic principle being that space for living and working, recreation, and healthcare must be attractive. And continue to be attractive, in every way: functionally, financially, aesthetically as well as socially. Therefore, it is important to make optimum use of that space - every single time. That requires flexibility in property use, management, ownership, and financing, as well as well thought-out housing solutions, including legal, tax, and financial aspects.

VB Group provides all that, as an integrated service provider for development and construction, in constant consultation with the user, with an eye for maintenance, management and financing. In addition to being a site manager, the group is increasingly becoming an initiator: sharply signalling, creatively solving, widely oriented, embedded in a solid network. Partnership, professionalism, creativity, and reliability are VB Group's core values; pragmatically working towards the most effective way to meet everyone's need for housing.


Results come together... in one single approach

VB Group consists of companies nationally operating in the area of development and construction, each with its own operational and financial responsibilities. And where necessary, they find each other. Together, they have the people, the knowledge, and the experience to meet every housing demand efficiently and creatively.

VB Group is a flat, transparent organisation. Short communication lines and swift decision-making processes make it easy for people to find each other, both in and outside the group. The network of strategic partners and clients is constantly developing. Partnership is founded on sustainability, professionalism, trust, and integrity, based on a pleasant and informal way of doing business. This characterises the VB Group approach.


Results come together... in one single team



CRA Vastgoed devises and realises creative solutions for complex projects, new developments, and redevelopments. In co-makership with clients and users, the company translates a housing need into suitable projects, including the appropriate financing form and investment construction. Its territory is the Netherlands, with a focus on the Central and South Netherlands. It specialises in complex city centre restructuring assignments as well as, increasingly over the past few years, in the development of healthcare property projects.



The building companies focuses on residential and non-residential construction: new development, renovation, management, and maintenance. In addition, its serves the market with prefab solutions and conceptual building. The companies are active in the areas of healthcare, education, housing and commercial property. Clients expect more added value, in the broadest sense of the term. Partnerships are where the VB Group constructors especially prove their distinctive value. Long-term cooperation with clients and suppliers forms the basis for quality, continuity, and sustainability.