History and Development of VB Group

VB Group has developed from the family business of Huybregts, which dates back to 1873.

In the early nineteen eighties, Johan van Boldrik started his career with this company. In the years thereafter, the Huybregts business grew to be the professional construction partner it still is today.


Since 2002, Van Boldrik Group developed into a prominent player in the Dutch property market, shaping construction, from the original Huybregts business, as well as development and investment. In addition, the company realised a solid network through associated companies and businesses.


From Van Boldrik Group to VB Group

In 2007, the growth was followed by a period of strategic reorientation and reorganisation, with a stronger focus on the three core activities - development, construction and

investment -, more emphasis on cooperation, both internally and externally, and reinforcement and streamlining of the management structure. Subsequently, in late 2008, the name was changed to VB Group.


The name change marked the start of a new period, in which the Van Boldrik family name is less expressly communicated, while the strategy of continuation of the family business remains unchanged. The focus is expanded to synergy among the various divisions of the group and the surrounding network.