Management Board and Supervisory Directors

Management Board


Robert van Boldrik (Managing Director)
Frank Koole (Financial Manager)
Drs. Carla Engelen - Soethout (Personal Assistant)



Managing Directors

Stefan Swinkels - Development (member Management Board)

Ing. Hans Geertman - Construction (member Management Board)



Supervisory Board


Drs. G.J. (Guïljo) van Nuland 


Mr Van Nuland is since 2015 member and chairman of the Supervisory Board. CEO Brabant Water NV, member of the Supervisory Board of Rabobank, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of two HMOs, member of the Supervisory Board at a research institute. 


Drs. J. (John) Hak (1966)


Member of the Supervisory Board from 2015. From 2010 - 2015 Chairman of Kempen & Co. Partner Axeco. He holds several board positions in various companies. 


Ir. P.A.R.J. (Paul) Vismans (1955)

Member of the Supervisory Board from July 2017. Independent adviser and former director in the (international) real estate sector. He holds supervisory positions in the energy and healthcare sector.




J.H.A.M. (Johan) van Boldrik (1954)
Mr Van Boldrik joined the company in 1980, when it was still the family business of Gebr. Huybregts. He has been Managing Director and a shareholder since 1993.